Fire Extingusihers & Types of Fire Extinguihser

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are modern devices to extinguish fire in emergency situations and best suited for small fires.

It is very handy device invented so as to fight the fire in initial stages.It is termed as active fire protection.

Fire extinguishers are divided into two main types : 

Stored-pressure and cartridge-operated.

Stored pressure units, the expellant is stored in the same chamber as the firefighting agent itself. Depending on the agent used, different propellants are used. With dry chemical extinguishers, nitrogen is typically used; water and foam extinguishers typically use air. Stored pressure fire extinguishers are the most common type.

Cartridge-operated extinguishers contain the expellant gas in a separate cartridge that is punctured prior to discharge, exposing the propellant to the extinguishing agent.

This type is not as common, used primarily in areas such as industrial facilities, where they receive higher-than-average use.

They have the advantage of simple and prompt recharge, allowing an operator to discharge the extinguisher, recharge it, and return to the fire in a reasonable amount of time.

Unlike stored pressure types, these extinguishers use compressed carbon dioxide instead of nitrogen, although nitrogen cartridges are used on low temperature (-60 rated) models.

Cartridge operated extinguishers are available in dry chemical and dry powder types in the U.S. and in water, wetting agent, foam, dry chemical (classes ABC and B.C.), and dry powder (class D) types in the rest of the world.


Fire Extinguishers are classified into different types or classes of fire

So how to choose fire extinguisher is a task.Their are ratings mentioned such as A or B or C or D by which you come to know what kind of fire extinguisher can be applicable for particular classes of fire or area to be protected.

From ratings you can select which fire extinguisher to choose for Home & Kitchen,Car,Garage,Residential areas and so on for  your domestic or any other locations.It completely depends on where you want do fire protection.

Now A or B or C or D are  basic classes of fire that can be grouped into following four categories and their applications.

Class A Fire  : Fire Involving Solid Combustible Material of organic nature such as wood,paper,rubber,plastic etc.

Fire Extinguisher recommended : Water,Foam,ABC dry Powder,halocarbons.

Class B Fire :  Fire involving flammable liquids or liquefiable solids.

Fire extinguisher recommended : Foam,dry powder,clean agents, and carbon dioxide extinguishers.

Class C Fire : Fire involving flammable gases under pressure including liquified gases ,electrical fire etc.

Fire extinguisher recommended : Dry Powder,clean agent and carbon dioxide.

Class D Fire : Fires involving combustible metals,such as magnesium,aluminium,zinc,sodium,potassium,etc.

Fire extinguisher recommended : With special dry powder for metal fires.

Note : Fire extinguisher for live electrical fire application can be only used seeing the passed electrical conductivity test.You need to confirm it from the seller before purchasing.

Choice’s to Buy Fire Extinguishers

Although Fire protection is vast subject to discuss, which needs professional help for big project, but as in the case of domestic fire protection with the fire extinguishers, above explanation is just a quick glance which you can easily implement at home, office,shop or in the cars etc.

There are now two options to buy fire extinguisher one is buying directly from local supplier and other is buying online.

Purchasing fire extinguisher from local supplier is always good and helpful.But unfortunately today in this fast moving world it is becoming bit difficult to contact or visit any local supplier and  in turns results into negligence, because unavailability of time.So the original fire extinguisher manufacturers has built a superb platform to buy online or through via giant e commerce companies  decreasing the distributors and retailers network.

Today due to advancement in various digital platforms to buy extinguisher online via various internet portal has made easy.That saves your valuable time and money.You come across many manufacturers or distributors who up sell their products and due to healthy competition between the industry their are number of fire extinguisher product and companies to choose from .

Ultimately, considering or choosing any method mentioned above, most important is your fire safety and to bring first aid kitchen fire extinguisher or home fire extinguisher or car fire extinguisher  etc.

You all are aware that fire may cause huge materialistic damage and most importantly loss of life if it is not handled properly at initial expansion stage.So it is very important to know how to use fire extinguisher and which extinguisher will combat what type of fire whether it is class a fire extinguisher or class b fire extinguisher or class c fire extinguisher  to anyone who is homeowner,business person,vehicle owner,office staff,manager or even for housewives.

So go ahead choose your fire safety with fire extinguisher wisely knowing the classes of fire and types of extinguishers explained, to avoid any major consequence and loss of life.

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